Thank you to my tutor

I really enjoyed every lesson I went to and I learnt so much. The lessons were fun and I liked the way he explained difficult topics in a way in which I understood. I liked that he explained topics in detail so that I understood why to do a calculation instead of just doing the calculation. Thank you so much for all your help as I have developed more confidence in answering questions in maths.

Ms K (Student)

Compliments to our tutor Afzaal

Afzaal is a wonderful tutor for many reasons. My daughter Khushi, thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson and she has improved considerably in maths. Each lesson is tailored to her ability and he explains each topic thoroughly to gain maximum knowledge and is therefore able to apply in any form of questions. His friendly nature made him very approachable and he always gave helpful feedback. He is professional, friendly and a lovely tutor.

Mr Patel

Hampton School

Dear Mrs S, just wanted u to share our happiness M has passed the Hamptons exam Alhamdo le ALLAH we received a letter today to give us an interview day on the 18th,

Mrs S


S, i just wanted to share this letter with you which i received today... I cannot express my gratitude to you for all your efforts- will never forget your part in this, ever... Thank you so so much...

Mrs M


Mrs S is currently teaching my daughter. She is professional, well-prepared for lessons and knowledgeable. She is helping my daughter in English. My daughter was really struggling with the subject prior to S’s involvement. S helped her & I`ve noticed an overall improvement in her confidence of writing. My daughter has an excellent understanding of grammar & spelling rules & this is evident in her writing. She can identify the common word classes and the correct punctuation to use. She is beginning to check through her work to ensure accuracy and edit where necessary. I`m v happy with S & wouldn`t hesitate to recommend her.

Mrs S

Reigate Grammar and Guildford High School

Hi S Thought I would give you some more good news........ S has got an academic scholarship at Reigate Grammar!!! Found out as soon as we got to Turkey so now we are in a dilemma!!! As the scholarship programme is a little different at Reigate!!!! If you have any views I would greatly value them! Thank you both for all your efforts...... all your and her hard work has paid off Enjoy half term

Mrs P

The Lady Eleanor Holles

Hi S Lev passed her LEH exam and has place there. .thank you so much for all your help. Please let me know when you are back as we need to prepare her brother for King's.

Dr G

Nonsuch High School

Hello S, hope you are well. I thought you would be pleased to know that today Mims was offered a place at Nonsuch High School! We are very, very happy and once again would like to say big thank you for your help ♥

Mr A & Mrs E