All students applying to study at Lighthouse Tutors will need to complete our written assessment in the subject they aim to study with us followed by at least one interview in order for us to gain a deep understanding of their needs and objectives in order to determine if we will be able to effectively support them to reach their desired objectives.

Group Tuition

Our classes have between 5 and 7 students. We select a set of motivated students to study together that are likely to complement each other to achieve their personal targets.

  • Opportunities to listen and reflect on each others’ ideas
  • Group discussions helps to tackle challenging questions efficiently
  • Pupils develop positive listening and communication skills
  • Positive healthy competition encourages increased efforts and high standards

One-to-One Tuition

We develop individually tailored lessons to address the needs and objectives of each pupil. We pace our teaching to suit each pupil whilst developing a high standard of understanding and competitiveness.

If required and with the guardian’s consent Lighthouse Tutors are willing to communicate with our pupil’s school teachers to enable improved learning outcomes.

We monitor each pupil pastorally and academically and provide regular feedback to their respective guardians with the aim of supporting each pupil to succeed.



  • King’s College School
  • Hampton School
  • Wimbledon High School
  • Guildford High School
  • The Lady Eleanor Holles
  • Emanuel School
  • Surbiton High School


  • Nonsuch High School
  • Sutton Grammer School
  • Tiffin Boys' School
  • Wallington Grammer School
  • King's College School
  • Hampton School

Group Tuition Courses

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